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Alvin Mark Schroeder

and AMS Creations




Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will find my work interesting and a good reflection of many of the things we hold dear in Africa. To read more about me, click the about button above-right, and see why I have such passion for the subjects I draw and paint.


AMS Creations is my small business enterprise through which I sell my art, either directly to buyers, at various craft markets, or via retail outlets that favour my work. I also accept commissions for murals and other more individual art such as portraits. 




This has given me the opportunity to work in Europe and leave some of my artwork there, including large murals.

This is part of a set of murals I painted in an Italian restaurant




A little about my Work


Working with charcoal, I believe I am tapping into the origins of the artwork of the Koisan peoples, who make up an important part of my ancestory. Surely around their fires, these early inhabitanmts of Southern Africa discovered that the burnt sticks from the fire could produce interesting marks on many surfaces.


It is for me a challenge and duty, to use my abilities to help record their traditions and the African enviroment that they knew, with its abundance of plants and animal species.


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Enjoy browsing through my website and the galleries

and if you wish to contact me or send any comments,

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